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Nov 28th – Dec 4th, 2022

Month To Master is a month-long challenge where you learn how to turn your expertise into an online audience.

In the first week of the challenge, which I've made free, you will learn how to…

1. Select one valuable topic to learn (in a sea of information overwhelm)

2. Build a curriculum to help you rapidly learn the topic

3. Share what you learn each day to deepen your learning, connect with others learning the same thing, and build your audience

And, unlike many online learning events that give you a flood of information without helping you apply what you learn, I’ve designed this one-week experience to help you take massive action from the get-go.

Every weekday during the challenge, you will hop on a 90-minute group accountability call led by our team, where you learn and write at the same time. The calls are 11:00am-12:30pm EST.

First, you will go through the pre-challenge curriculum. Once the challenge starts, you will learn and share what you learn with other ambitious learners.

Step 1: Go Through The Pre-Challenge Curriculum

Watch My Interviews With Successful Learners (And Get Inspired!)

There's a growing movement where ambitious learners are sharing their knowledge and reaping the benefits. We have interviewed many of these ambitious learners, and they include…

  • radio_button_checkedEric Jorgensen: Wrote a bestselling book on one of Silicon Valley’s most respected self-made billionaires and built a relationship with him.
  • radio_button_checkedJack Butcher: Shared what he learned through tweets and attracted 400,000+ social media followers in 18 months.

Pick A Valuable Topic

The best knowledge can be 1000x more valuable than mediocre knowledge. And that is why deciding what to master is the most fundamental learning how to learn skill. On Day 1, you will pick your topic. Then, you will identify the most important skills that you need to learn within the topic.

Create Your Learning Curriculum

Once you’ve decided your topic, you will create your unique learning curriculum, which will help you start building an expert-level understanding of your topic. Ultimately, this will increase your confidence when you share what you learned.

Plan Your Learning Challenge

First, you will design your challenge, by deciding your goals and the platform to share your learning. Then you will make a public commitment. According to research, publicly pledging that you’ll do something helps you follow through with a commitment.

Once you have your topic picked and your curriculum built, you’re ready to go all-in on your learning…

Step 2: Share What You Learn For One Week

Turn Your Notes Into Assets

You will start your curriculum by participating in a co-learning call led by our team, where you learn and write at the same time. You can think of a co-learning call as being like a co-working call for learning.

  • radio_button_checkedPrioritize: First, you'll prioritize the most valuable thing to learn within your curriculum for that day.
  • radio_button_checkedLearn: Next, you go ahead and learn it.
  • radio_button_checkedSummarize: Then, you write a quick summary of what you learned and share it on social media using our content creation tool.

Our team will review the learning summaries, and share the best ones to our network.


Bonus: Map Of Knowledge Work

I’ve taken more than a year to create this map, and it’s the direct result of using Taylor’s 50x Framework. I systematically broke down the parts of knowledge work that I’m most familiar with: knowledge learning, sharing, and creation. The breakdown includes 7 stages and 100+ steps. Each step includes the specific skills, mindset, and link to tools that are necessary to master it.

In a nutshell, if you want to get recognized for your expertise, and if you’re committed to putting in the work...

This is a rare opportunity for you to take massive action with support and accountability.

Join the free one-week challenge and get started on your journey of learning and thought leadership with our support.

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