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Month To Master is for you if...

  • radio_button_checkedYou love learning and you’ve spent a lot of time learning, but don’t have as much to show for your effort as you would like (you just know you could be getting way more results out of your learning)
  • radio_button_checkedYou would love to be recognized as an expert in a topic you love, but you’ve been stopped by impostor syndrome
  • radio_button_checkedYou want to build an audience online by sharing what you learn (which is the foundation of being recognized and getting paid as an expert)
  • radio_button_checkedYou’re ready to take massive action for one month, with the support of other ambitious learners and with a proven learning & content creation system

If your answer is an enthusiastic “Yes!” to most if not all of the above:

Then the Month To Master Challenge is for you

Introducing Month To Master

The Month To Master Challenge is a one-month challenge designed to help you learn faster and better, share your expertise, and build an audience by providing you with group accountability and support as well as curriculum and templates.

It is based on two beliefs...

1. Top performers learn together. Amateurs learn alone.

No matter what field you’re in, top performers surround themselves with a community of coaches, mentors, and peers. Amateurs do it alone.

In the learning context, learning with others helps you:

  • radio_button_checkedFind time to learn (via accountability and inspiration)
  • radio_button_checkedRefine your learning methodology, so that you learn faster and better
  • radio_button_checkedFind life-changing learning resources (podcasts, studies, articles etc.)
  • radio_button_checkedHelp you overcome challenges that would normally stop you

In the Month To Master Challenge, we bring together ambitious learners and provide a format that brings out everyone’s best.

2. Writing & learning 10x each other when done together.



Besides helping you get new, amazing results in our life, learning gives you rare & valuable ideas to write about that aren’t cliche clickbait that adds to the noise of the internet.



Writing helps you learn more deeply. This is called the Explanation Effect (proven by numerous studies.) It also helps you maximize your return on learning by helping you build an audience and get recognized for your expertise.

Here’s how Month To Master works…

Learn More In A Month Than You Would In A Year With The Challenge Format

One learning challenge can change your life forever

Top performers enlist coaches, mentors, conversation partners — a community of people — to grow to the next level.

Amateurs do it alone, and as a result they make little progress, or worse still stay stuck in a plateau.

Benjamin Franklin created a “mutual improvement society” called the Junto that gathered each Friday evening to learn from each other.

The Vagabonds were a group of four famous friends — Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, and John Burroughs — who took road trips each summer: camping, climbing, and sitting around the campfire discussing their various scientific and business ventures and debating the pressing issues of the day.

Theodore Roosevelt’s Tennis Cabinet included friends and diplomats who exercised together daily and debated the issues facing the country.

Realizing the power of learning and growing with others, I asked myself two questions:

Who should I surround myself with?
What format would bring out our best?

These two questions led to a series of experiments...

  • radio_button_checkedThousands of accountability calls
  • radio_button_checkedDozens of in-person and virtual mastermind events
  • radio_button_checkedConferences at the White House and United Nations
  • radio_button_checkedFive weekend challenges

Over the last two decades of experiments, the most effective formats I’ve seen for achieving ambitious goals faster are:


By bringing together like-minded people to work on the same goal towards a deadline, challenges help you tap into your hidden potential that you wouldn't otherwise use.

Just look at people who challenge themselves to train like Navy SEALs or write a book in a month.


Accountability Calls

Once you bring together like-minded people, accountability calls help you get stuff done real-time — by committing what you will do upfront, and following through right after.

After doing thousands of accountability calls and seeing what works and what doesn’t, I’ve designed a unique call format that leverages multiple psychology and behavioral science principles.


Debriefs and Feedback

A critical part of learning and progressing is using feedback loops.

At the end of every call, you are given the opportunity to get feedback from your peers in breakout groups to get feedback on what you accomplished during the session.

The Month To Master Challenge combines all of these formats into one.

This format provides you with a rare opportunity to learn more than you ever thought possible:

What also makes Month to Master special is how it helps you share what you learn, as you learn it…

Turn Your Notes Into Assets That Build Your Audience

Learning more doesn’t mean others will value you more.

To be valued for what you know, you need to demonstrate your expertise. And the best way to demonstrate your expertise is by sharing your notes with others online.

When you publicly share what you learn, a few magical things happen…

  • radio_button_checkedYou learn faster (this is known as the Explanation Effect, and it’s proven by numerous research studies)
  • radio_button_checkedYou build a relationship with the person whose work you’re curating
  • radio_button_checkedYou build relationships with people in your network who learn from you
  • radio_button_checkedYou build your authority and reputation in your niche
  • radio_button_checkedYou turn your notes into timeless assets that attract an online audience

Sharing what you learn -- as you learn it -- can be life-changing.

By sharing what I learned about learning and mental models in articles, I got tens of millions of views in top publications like Fortune, HBR, and Inc. Magazine. It also led to over 7 figures in course revenue. And, I’m not the only one!

There's a growing movement where ambitious learners are sharing their knowledge and reaping the benefits:

Eric Jorgensen
Wrote a bestselling book on one of Silicon Valley’s most respected self-made billionaires and built a relationship with him.

Patricia Mou
Started her weekly email newsletter to curate and share the best self-improvement content, which now nets her a 5-figure side-income.

Brian Johnson
Shared what he learned about ancient philosophers, leading to a community of tens of thousands of paying members.

Took notes of Joe Rogan’s podcast on a Wordpress site and built a 7 figure business with podcast notes.

Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Challenged herself to write and publish 100 articles in 100 days, which led to 500,000+ views in a year.

Jack Butcher
Shared what he learned through tweets and attracted 400,000+ social media followers in 18 months.

While sharing what you learn is incredibly powerful, it’s also challenging without the right support. For example…

  • radio_button_checkedWhat insights from your learning should you share?
  • radio_button_checkedWhat format should you use to share those insights?
  • radio_button_checkedWhat platform should you share on?
  • radio_button_checkedHow do you know if your learnings will be valuable for others?
  • radio_button_checkedHow do you avoid publishing into the void and hearing crickets?

I know how overwhelming it can be to figure it all out.

And that's why we created Month To Master to help you overcome these challenges…

Ciprian Scutar

Got three clients in a month!

I have had a lot of awesome transformations during this month. Two of the biggest ones were: posting every day in a 340k members group, given that my previous average was 1 post per year, and then restarting my coaching practice and already getting 3 clients.

Rachel Theriot
Founder at Rachel Theriot & Team

I'm now 6 months into my own business

A year ago, I was in year 16 of a successful corporate career; I was a Marketing Director for a $2.2B business unit in a $16B multinational healthcare corporation. It was good, lucrative work where I made a difference, but I have always wanted to start my own business.

Because of Michael's teachings, I'm now 6 months into my own business and am working to make sure I never have to go back to a corporate job.

Jorge Oteiza
CEO at Criteria ALyC

I feel so much more focused with my learning

I feel so much more focused with my learning, especially when it comes to becoming an expert in the areas I want...

I love it! If you are interested in learning faster, Michael knows exactly how to make it happen, and will help you get there.

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Hi, I'm Michael

It should be said that all of my successes were born out of failure.

In my early 20s, I had big goals. I worked very hard. I learned a lot. I read hundreds of books, I spent thousands of conferences… and yet, I was deep in credit card debt. My entrepreneur friends were on the fast track, and I was living in a roach-infested New York City apartment.

"Damn! I've spent so much time learning. Shouldn't I be more successful? Have I wasted all of this time?

I was deeply frustrated and demotivated, and I didn't know what to do.

It wasn’t until I added accountability calls and challenges that things turned around for me.

I went from being deep in debt to having multiple social impact businesses with millions of dollars in revenue and millions of views in publications like TIME, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and the Harvard Business Review. I also started the largest and most active learning how to learn community in the world (330,000+ people).

As a believer in the power of challenges, I’ve now led thousands of accountability calls, dozens of in-person mastermind events, and five weekend challenges. This Month To Master Challenge is the culmination of the lessons learned from these two decades of experiments.

The namesake of this challenge is inspired by Max Deutsch's personal Month To Master Challenge.

Michael Has Been Featured In:

Hi, I'm Max

I spent the last 16+ years in the corporate world working at agencies, big pharma and a consumer package goods company. I was lucky enough to work on some of the largest brands in the world and had the privilege of travelling all over the country.

But when COVID hit, like many people, I reevaluated how I spent my waking hours and  what impact I really wanted to make in my life.

I overwhelmingly felt the need to give back.

I ended up quitting my job so I could focus on helping: helping businesses and entrepreneurs get their messages and products to the people who really need them.

As much as I love marketing, I spend a lot of time on personal development, creating personal knowledge management systems and learning how to learn.

Here’s What You Get In Month To Master

While you get access to curriculum & community, co-learning calls with other ambitious learners, proven “fill-in-the-blank” templates, and world-class guest teachers, they are all designed around ONE singular purpose:

Learn more in a month than you would in a year, then turn your notes into assets that build your audience

Unlike most other online learning events, Month To Master is designed step-by-step to help you take massive action. Here’s a summary of what you will experience during the challenge:

Challenge Curriculum

The best knowledge can be 1000x more valuable, as proven by the “power law curve” in statistics. And that is why deciding what to master is the most fundamental learning how to learn skill.

In this module, you will pick your topic. Then, you will identify $1,000/hour skills i.e. the most valuable skills to learn within the topic.

Learning isn’t just about taking in information — you need a proven system to turn information into comprehension, so that you can apply and share what you learn.

In this module, you will apply research-based learning how to learn strategies and hacks, so that you can deeply remember what you learn, and have an expert-level understanding of your topic.

Most learners take detailed notes, but don’t publicly share what they learn, which means they miss out on building their reputation and audience with their knowledge.

In this module, you will learn how to share what you learn on social media to overcome impostor syndrome and break through the noise online.

Having great knowledge is not enough to get attention online, let alone to build an online following.

In this module, you will learn how the social media algorithm works, so that you can figure out which platform will give you the most followers and engagement.

One Co-Learning Call Every Weekday
With Other Ambitious Learners To Learn & Write Together

20 Calls In Total

Every weekday during the challenge, you will hop on a 90-minute group accountability call led by our team, where you learn and write at the same time. The calls are 11:00am-12:30pm EST.

Call Format

  • add_circleFocus: Prioritize the most valuable thing to learn, so that you get the most out of the learning session. We will show you how to get your energy up and eliminate distractions in less than 5 minutes.
  • add_circleRead: Systematically learn and research about your topic with my best learning principles and hacks, so that you speed up your mastery of the topic.
  • add_circleWrite: Write a quick summary or excerpt of what you learn, then strategically share it on social media to get attention from the right people. Based on our experience of getting tens of millions of article views, we will teach you how to create content that is a lot more likely to go viral online (no more publishing to crickets!)
  • add_circleReflect: Debrief with other community members on what you learned. This step alone will help you remember what you learned on a deeper level, and build genuine relationships with other learners that will extend beyond the challenge.

In a nutshell, by the end of each call, you will not only turn your learning into assets, you will also tap into a state of unshakeable focus.

If you can’t make it for any of the calls, you can watch the call recordings instead, which you have lifetime access to.

Challenge Community
To Help You Meet Like-Minded Peers, Share Your Content And Grow Your Following

By joining the challenge, you get access to two learning communities…

  • add_circlePrivate Community Of Challenge Participants: When you join the challenge, you will be matched with other ambitious learners on the same topic, so that you can support each other and even develop collaborations that last far beyond the challenge.
  • add_circleThe Largest Online Learning Community In The World: During the challenge, you will be a “VIP member” in the Learning How To Learn community, the largest online community of learners in the world. Apart from connecting with more like-minded learners, you will also be able to share your learnings within the community and attract followers who are excited about your knowledge and expertise.

Exclusive Content Creation Tool
To 2x Your Learning And Build Your Audience Faster

Sharing your lessons learned online brings its own challenges, from feeling impostor syndrome i.e. “Is what I’ve learned good enough?”, to publishing into a void.

We collaborated with a top-tier Facebook developer to build an amazing tool. It’s as easy-to-use as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. More importantly, it’s designed to help you turn your notes into assets that build your authority, while avoiding all the pitfalls:

  • radio_button_checkedGo from idea to published post in 5 minutes: No more staring at the blank screen and wondering what you should write! We created six templates to help you share excerpts or summaries of what you learned, curate learning resources, and highlight other experts. And, as you share what you learn, you also deepen your understanding of your topic.
  • radio_button_checkedCreate a “learning portfolio”: With professionally designed templates, you will be proud to share your expertise on social media, and over time this becomes a body of work that proves your credibility and attracts your online audience.

Proven “Fill-In-The-Blank” Templates
To Accelerate Your Topic Mastery

Having created multiple courses and taken even more over the years, one of the biggest flaws I see in most courses is a lack of clear “how-to” to help students get unstuck and build momentum in their learning. This is especially important in the context of a time-bound challenge where every day counts!

To support you hands-on, my team and I created these templates and exercises, and here’s a sneak peek of what you will get:

  • radio_button_checkedTopic Picker: Go through this guided exercise, and you will identify your #1 topic with confidence and clarity.
  • radio_button_checkedHow to Build Your Authority-Building Asset Training & Checklist: A step-by-step process for turning what you are learning into an asset to build and/or monetize your audience.
  • radio_button_checkedLearning How To Learn Checklist: As you learn and master your topic, refer to this so that you remember what you learned on a deeper level.

World-Class Guest Teachers
To Share Their Best Learning & Thought Leadership Insights With You

To help you activate your latent potential, I've brought together a "dream team" of experts who will inspire and challenge you in your Month To Master...

Emerson Spartz

Homeschooled since 12 years old, Emerson has read thousands of books, and he’s been traveling and learning full time after selling his company for $35M years back.

  • add_circleNot only is Emerson a successful entrepreneur (Forbes 30 Under 30), he’s also the most hardcore learner I know of (I’m not exaggerating... he treats learning like a professional athlete.)
  • add_circle He will show you how to find more time to learn -- no matter how busy you are -- and prioritize the most valuable thing to learn each time.

Eric Jorgenson

Eric is an author, podcast host, and course creator whose work is dedicated to helping people increase their productivity, impact, freedom, and quality of life.

  • add_circleEric will help you maximize the ROI of your time and energy so you can utilize your time more wisely, enjoy more freedom, and generate higher-quality results in a fraction of the time.

Eben Pagan

Eben is one of the most successful and impactful course creators ever. He’s created over $100 million in revenue from online courses he has created. Here's what Tony Robbins said about Eben: "If you own a business... he will show you how to take that business to the next level."

  • add_circleAs a coach and mentor, he has trained thousands of experts, many of them going on to make six figures and even seven figures per year.
  • add_circleEben’s mentoring is the #1 reason I was able to transition from writing articles on the side to becoming a course creator full time, and he will teach you how to create compelling content that builds trust with your audience.

What Our Students Say

Alex Mera
Analyst at Tango/04 Computing

The single most clever decision I've made

It's not only the golden, distilled bits of practical and actionable knowledge you share, it's the habits and attitude transformation I'm experiencing. I'm getting much more and much faster than I expected!

Sanda Solofoson
COREALI Event Management

My business to the next level

I built an event management company in Madagascar with multiple employees within three years. However, over the last year I hit a plateau that I haven't been able to overcome.

I was losing hope. But using Michael's course and coaching helped me see this challenge from a different light and opened my eyes up to new ways of learning, Now, I'm on my way to taking my business to the next level, and I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Nate Brooks
Sales and Business Coach, Nate Brooks Coaching

The Best Teachings In 25 Years

It’s the best teachings I have gone through in the last 25 years… And I have studied and learned from some of the best minds over the last 50 years... people like Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Brian Tracy, and so on.

Michael’s teachings have stimulated me into action like I have not been in since 1990.

Kate McKinnon

It was transformative!

Michael’s course was transformative for me...Both the welcoming environment that Michael created and the openness of the others who participated really made this a life-changing event. It was amazing!

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After 20 years of being an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that the #1 thing a business can do is build trust with customers!

We’ve all bought products that promise the moon but don’t deliver. I want to take all the risk away, and make this truly a “no-brainer” for you.

If you attend the live calls and do your homework, but aren’t satisfied with the results you got after 30 days, just show me your completed homework so that I know that you went through the challenge, and I will happily give you all your money back. You also get to keep the materials, as my way to thank you for participating in the challenge.

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Where Will You Be In A Month?

Will you stay stuck on the same spot — doing the same routines, meeting the same people, having the same opportunities?

Or will you have gone to the next level — after becoming an expert in a rare and valuable topic, building relationships with other ambitious learners, and ultimately unlocking opportunities that you never had before?

The reason why I'm sharing all these is, your future is determined by the decisions you make now. Each decision leads you down a completely different path. What decision will you make today?

If you want to take massive action and make 2023 your best year ever, join Month To Master with me and other ambitious learners:

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